The birth of our church took place beginning on Saturday May 3,2008, when then Elder Kenneth Lock received a prophetic word from Prophetess Michelle Corral, stating "that the manifested glory of God that you look for on your life cannot come because you are not in position". Knowing full well that the pastorship mantle was upon his life, he completely understood the word he was given. The next morning he went in to inform his then-pastor that he would be leaving to follow the destiny path God had established for him and that that day (Sunday May 4, 2008) would be he and his family's last Sunday in fellowship there.

The following Sunday (May 11 2008-Mother's Day), now-Pastor Kenneth Lock, and the newly-formed, The Open Door Christian Worship Center, held its first Sunday School in the Lock Family home at the time, which was located at 4101 N Elmhurst Rd., in Milwaukee.

On Wednesday May 14, 2008, the first bible class of The Open Door Christian Worship Center was held inside one of the classrooms of New Life Presbyterian Church at 3410 W Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee.

On Sunday May 21 2008, the first Sunday services were held at New Life Presbyterian Church at 1:30pm. There were approximately 150 people in attendance.

On Sunday June 4 2008, the first service was held in our then-new location of 2329 N 12th Street, which we shared with another local congregation. We would remain there for five months.

On Sunday November 2 2008, our first services were held in our new location (solely occupied)at 2440 N 35th Street.

Milestones-The Open Door became part of AIM (Association of Independent Ministries), Bishop I.V. Hilliard chief Prelate.

-1st year anniverary was celebrated in May 2009.
Guest speakers:
Pastor Emmanuel Howard
Minister Edmund Dugar
Prophetess Olufunmilayo Crawford
Pastor Anthony D Burns
Celebration banquet speaker-Pastor Barbara Williams

-May 9 2009-our very first baptism saw approximately 20 souls baptized in Jesus' name.

Friday June 19 2009-our first Youth Explosion (YE) was held

-October 2009 Our pastors and a team of 10 members and ministers attended our very first Strategies Conference in Houston Texas

-November 11-13 2009-our first Pastors' Appreciation was held.
Guest speakers:
Minister Lindsay Jones
Pastor Melva Henderson
Minister Lela Chatman

On August 14 2010, we sponsored our very first "Community Day", a day in which we gave back to the community through clothing donations, school supplies and refreshments

Over the next 4.5 years, though we were renting the building at 2440 N 35th Street, we made several upgrades to the facility.
2nd bathroom
-installing several light fixtures
-purchased cushioned chairs
-upgrades to the furnace
-several paint jobs
-installation of air conditioning
-installation of carpeting
-construction of a new pastors' office

in September 2012, The Love Foundation began. Through this effort we began a food pantry to assist our own members and our community, providing nutritious food baskets for those in need.

On March 6 2013, we purchased our very first church van for transport of our members to services.

On May 21st 2013, with the Lord's help, we submitted an offer to purchase our current location of 3223 W Lloyd Street.

On Sunday June 16 2013 (Father's Day), our congregation, led by our pastors marched from 2440 N 35th Street to our current location of 3223 W Lloyd Street.