Apostle Kenney was born on on March 14, 1963. As a young boy of about 3 or 4 years of age, he would become very excited when he would hear music (gospel or R&B). Not fully understanding the anointing and gifting inside of him, his older sister, who was taking piano lessons, taught him the keys on the piano. Once he learned them, he began to put the music together of the songs that he learned in church. The first song he learned was “Jesus keep me near the cross”. As he continued mastering his gift, he became the chief musician for his church’s youth choir (Emmanuel Temple Missionary Baptist Church). His gift continued to blossom, and in 1974 he became the chief musician for another local church in Milwaukee, WI. He would remain there as chief musician, voice trainer and minister of music for 34 years.

In 1985, he married the love of his life, Demetra Michele Johnson. They went on to parent 2 sons and 10 daughters. In 1989 (the same year his eldest son Kenneth Ray Lock II was born), he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In 1993, he received the revelation from Holy Spirit that he was to preach and teach God’s word. Shortly thereafter, God revealed that he would one day pastor a people for the glory of God. Apostle preached openly for the first time on Sunday March 12, 1995. Apostle remained faithful to God as he waited for God's leading for his next move. On Saturday May 3rd, 2008 through the mouth of Prophetess Michele Corral, God’s earlier revelation became realized as God stated “God’s manifested Glory won’t become evident until he got in to position where God is calling you to be”. With that, the very next day (May 4th, 2008), he made known to his pastor what had revealed to him and that he would immediately vacate his position as minister of music to follow the path that God had now charted for him

The very first service of The Open Door Christian Worship Center (Bible class) was then held on Wednesday May 7th 2008 at the New Life Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee.



Apostle Michele (as she is known to most of us), was born on April 3, 1962 in Jacksonville, FL. As a young girl she loved drawing and writing poetry. She relocated to Milwaukee, WI at the age of 7. It was then that a tragic event occurred in her life that would lead her down a road of anger and depression. At age 10, her mother began a bible class in her home with her and her siblings. Through this bible class and learning about salvation and sanctification, she decided to seek a relationship with God. It was then at the age of 14 that she joined the Love Tabernacle Church. There she found that she had been blessed with an anointed singing voice. Due to the tragedy she suffered earlier in life, she began to search (oftentimes in the wrong places) for love. This would ultimately lead to her becoming a teenaged mom. In 1983, she became a member of another local congregation where she finally achieved the relationship with God that she sought for so long, and eventually met the love of her life. In 1985, she married Kenneth Ray Lock. In 1988, she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and was called into Prophetic ministry. She also was a dedicated choir member under her husband, and took on Prison Ministry, sometimes travelling up to 400 miles to minister to those incarcerated in the state penal system.

Apostle Michele works faithfully alongside Apostle Kenney as first lady and co-pastor. She is also an accurate prophetess. She mentors many of the women in our church through "Mending Broken Wings", a program designed to help strengthen women who have had all kinds of struggles in life and to build them up through Christ.

Our pastors are very proud parents of 12 children. They have two sons, Kenneth II (Krystel) and Eric (Cherisse). Kenneth II also serves as our assistant pastor. They also have 10 daughters, Antronette (James Knight), Latasha, Quiana (Trevon Lennix), Millicent (Tommy Taylor), Kendra, April (Kertis Owens), Amber (Devon Jackson), Maria (Craig Jordan), Cynthia and Danyelle